REVO Intake for Golf 6R (EA113) Review


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REVO Intake for my Golf 6R. This is one of the cold air intakes I had my eyes on since it came out. The quality looks great just like all the products REVO has to offer. I used to have a K&N intake on my Golf 5 GTI but that intake did not come close to the one REVO offers.

Two weeks ago I pulled the trigger and got myself a REVO intake for my Golf 6R project car. So I will finally do a review of the REVO intake kit for the EA113 platforms.


I was very impressed with the packaging the kit came in. It is not just a brown cardboard box but a properly printed and branded box. You most probably pay for that box as well but it looks professional and compliments what is inside the box. All the parts are neatly packed in the box with expanded foam packs. This ensured that the components are not damaged in transport.

REVO Intake Package
REVO kit received
Opened REVO Intake package

The Install

For the install of this kit you can go to the following link Click Here!

I am not going to do a step-by-step of this install as it is all stated nicely in the link above. I will however give my opinion and show mods I had to make to fit this kit.

The install of the intake is fairly easy. I think the worst part of the install was to get the OEM clamp off on the intake of the turbo. Well if you have the correct tool to remove the clamp it would be a lot better.

Standard Pipe on intake of turbo.

The kit does not have a replacement clamp for the OEM clamp and states the OEM clamp must be reused. I think it would have been better to have a normal hose clamp in that position. It would have been a lot easier to fit the new part. Not all people have big pliers that could open up that OEM Clamp.

I had to do a modification on the heat shield as it was hitting some pipes (Think it is DSG cooler pipes).

1.) Modification 1

REVO Interference with hose
Pipe that interfered with the heat shield.
REVO Intake Modification
Modification on heat shield to make it fit on the Golf 6R.

2.) Modification 2

The only other issue I had with the install was that the filter was pushing against the back of the headlight. I think on the Golf 5 GTI there is more space for the filter. This kit was originally designed for the Golf 5 GTI. The Golf 6R was the only car in the MK6 range that had the EA113 platform engine. This is the reason why only the Golf 6R uses the same intake as a Golf MK5 GTI.

REVO Intake filter touching headlight
Filter pushing against rear of headlight

What I decided to do to fix this is to modify the intake pipe, I only had to cut off about 10mm on the pipe to free up some space between the filter and the back of the headlight.

Modification to REVO Intake tube
Modification to intake pipe

This modification gave me just enough movement on the filter so that I can place it perfectly and the filter does not touch anything.

Installed REVO intake
REVO Intake fitted on Golf 6R

Results with REVO Intake

So I wanted to compare apples with apples. I have been running REVO stage 2 software on the car, mostly in stock mode as I needed software just so that I don’t get any light going on as the exhaust is CAT less. I have a full 3″ Scorpion Turbo Back exhaust on the Golf R.

What I did was to set the REVO software to performance mode with settings Boost 7, Timing 4, and fueling 8. These were the settings I ran in the beginning. The car wasn’t too happy running performance setting with the OEM intake that is why I was in stock mode till now. You can check out this post about the issues I had, Click Here!

As my Golf 6R does not have an upgraded Intercooler this is actually not a true Stage 2 Golf 6R. It is required to give an aftermarket intercooler fitted to get the full potential of the 2 or even the stage 2+ software. See the following link, Click here!

REVO Stage 2 Requirements
Hardware Requirements for REVO Stage 2 Software

I did a dyno run with the OEM intake and then another run after the intake was fitted. Here is the results of the two runs:

GOLF 6R Dyno Graph
Dyno results for before and after run


What you can see here is that there is a 10kW (13.4 HP) gain by just fitting the intake, if I had the intercooler I would be able to push the timing setting a bit higher and gain some more power. What you will notice on the dyno graph is the torque isn’t great. It is about 400Nm, where REVO states the torque would be in the region of 430 to 450Nm. The reason for this lower torque figure is, well this is a DSG car. I don’t have DSG upgraded software installed yet. The OEM DSG Tune had a Torque limiter on it. The car will not make more than 400Nm on stock DSG tune. There will be gains on torque as well but as this setup is limited by the DSG Tune I can’t say what the gains would be. This will be an upgrade for the future.


Overall I am very happy with the REVO intake, the car runs really well and it sounds awesome. It is almost as if there is a hurricane underneath the bonnet. All the extra sounds that are now audible just make the driving experience so much better. The only thing I would say that is short on in this kit is a heat shield that mounts underneath the intake tube to keep the turbo heat away from the tube.

Intake Heat Shield

The only downside is the torque limiter on the DSG gearbox. This does not have anything to do with the intake but just keep this in mind if you have a Golf 6R with OEM DSG tune. To get the full potential of the setup you need a proper DSG tune and an upgraded intercooler to go with the intake.

If you are in the market for a proper intake for your Golf 5 GTI or Golf 6R I would recommend the REVO intake. Here is a link to this intake: 2.0T FSI KO3 + KO4 Powdercoat finish REVO Intake (AE113)

Here is a link to the best intercooler you can get for you MK5 GTI or Golf 6R.

Wagner Intercooler EA113 Golf 6R Golf 5 GTI

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