Welding How To: Stack The Dimes With Your MIG Welder The Right Way

Welding How To: Stack The Dimes With Your MIG Welder The Right Way

MIG like TIG baby, there is a right way and a wrong way to do it and this video is arguably one of the best we’ve seen on just how to do it right. There is nothing sexier than a “stack of dimes” TIG weld whether on aluminum or steel although those same TIG welds on something smaller and thinner like a roll cage are going to be much smaller stacks. But if you are welding mild steel with your MIG welder, there are a couple ways to get that look. One of them is wrong in every way.

The wrong way is pretty easy to spot, and very easy to do, but it results in a weld that can be highly contaminated and with very little penetration which means it might look good on the outside but is not nearly structural enough for any part that needs to hold up. That wrong way is to “stack” individual “spot” or large tack welds on top of each other. This isn’t the right way, and can be spotted sometimes when a visible center dot can be seen in the middle of each dime in the stack. The right way is to control the MIG torch while maintaining a constant weld bead. This makes a very strong and clean weld with excellent penetration.

Watch the video for the full explanation on how to do it right as there are a couple of torch movement options and when you see them in this video you’ll understand just what we mean.

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